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Between the Waters (BTW) is now one year old. Wow, what a learning experience building an organization from scratch. But there is one thing I have learned in all this, one person can’t do it alone. So I have many people to thank:

BJ McManama – Campaign Organizer and tech with the Indigenous Environmental Network. Her humor, her love of the Earth, and her blessings for this work are so appreciated. BTW could not have started without her as part of our shared love of the Earth and our firm belief that the Earth must be protected from #dirtyfossilfuel.

Another valued partner is Climate Reality Project. We have two of their employees working with us on programming, Josephine Gingerich and Jason Hallmark. They are insightful and tech savy. Honestly, another Cimate Reality member is Kelly Yagatich. She has been with us since the beinning.

Ohio Sierra Club has been fantastic in their work with us. Mary Aguilera (volunteer with Ohio Sierra Club and Ohio Poor Peoples Campaign) and Elissa Yoder Mann (employee) have been the absolute best in contacts, social media and, of course, Elissa’s dog Moose! We had a whole line of tweets with Moose. The fight against plastics is real and we are all in this together.

The One and Only Moose (Elissa’s fur baby)

And now for the wonderful news. Between the Waters received a $5000 grant to continue to illuminate and educate on the fight against plastics and the fossil fuel industry through Tackling the A-Z Impacts of Plastics and Fossil Fuels. Our programming begins on October 11, 2022.

Sign up here: Your Health Matters

We truly are a coalition focused on tackling the cradle to grave impacts of plastic, from fracked gas to plastic pollution in the Ohio River Valley and Beyond.

Join us.

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Peggy Ann Berry, PhD, MSN, RN, COHN-S, CLE, PLNC, FAAOHN earned her doctorate from University of Cincinnati in 2015. She is a past Graduate Nurse Intern to DOL OSHA, a NIOSH Education and Resource Grant recipient and an American Nurses Foundation Scholar. She is a Founding Fellow with the U. S. Academy of Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, and Abuse and a past Graduate Nurse Intern to OSHA, past Malcolm Baldrige Examiner, and a past senior examiner with The Partnership for Excellence. Dr. Berry is a member of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments and the Ohio Nurses Association, as well as past chair and member of the Environmental and Public Health Caucus. Peggy has been advocating for clean air, access to potable water, chemical transparency with fracking solution, and methane regulation by congressional and state visits, press conferences and social media with and for the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, Ohio Environmental Council, Sierra Club, and Mom’s Clean Air Force. In addition to being the LWV Ohio volunteer lobbyist, she has been an environmental advocate since 2012, participating in EPA and OSHA requests for testimony on chemical transparency and Methane New Source Rules, collaborating across many NGOs to promote clean water, air and tillable soil. She has presented and published on the human health effects of workplace bullying, climate change, and migraines.

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